Professional in-company front-end boost

Somewhere, right now, somebody is working on a new tool that will simplify a web developer's life and be very useful to your company. This happens at such a pace that it is virtually impossible (and much too time-consuming) to stay up to date on all these new developments. By attending one of my trainings, you and your colleagues can give your technical web development skills a serious boost.

Personal training

I can teach you HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript individually. Based on the level of your knowledge we plan what I'll teach you, and at what pace.

My trainings

Advanced web graphics

During this one day workshop, you will discover the hidden mysteries behind SVG and Canvas.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. You can scale them up and down as much as you please, without ever affecting the graphics quality, even with the highest screen resolutions.

SVG use up very little file space, which is perfect for those unfortunate enough to not have a speedy internet connection. SVG are ideal for use with logos or graphs.

Canvas is the best tool for generating, editing and animating pixel-based imagery. If used right, Canvas will help you work sheer magic with pixels.

After attending this workshop you will know how to use a small codebase to generate good looking graphics with ease.

Responsive web design

After a short introduction in statistics, devices and trends in this era of web design, I set out a few challenges for you to familiarise you with flexible grids, layouts and responsive content.

The technological introduction covers media queries, as well as all the things you need to know about progressive enhancement and feature detection.

The final hours of the training will have you working in small groups to tackle the challenges and come up with your own solutions to different problems.

jQuery Inception

This training will teach you how to ‘think’ in jQuery. For example, how do you solve problem X without using too much unnecessary code? Or, which steps do you take (and in what order!) when solving problem Y?

I use practical examples used on well-known web sites to guide you through the basics of the DOM, events and other JavaScript programming essentials.

After this workshop, you can tell your website how to interact with its users (e.g by having it trigger certain actions when moving the mouse), how to modify or move HTML elements and change or animate CSS different properties.

Get in touch if you're interested in either an in-company or personal training.