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Hi! My name is Arjan Eising.

For over a decade I've been writing code, mostly for the browser as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I focus on writing accessible code for the end users, but also organise code to be usable by future developers working with it.

I write code in a progressive enhancement, to serve content the most inclusive way possible.

In 2007 I co-founded Fronteers, the non-profit professional association of Dutch-speaking front-end developers. In the years after I was board member, organised meetups, and organised and taught workshops.

Between 2008 and 2011 I studied Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics at the University of Groningen. I like to cycle on my road bike, and I like to relax to a good movie either in cinema or at home.


  1. Schiphol


    Large code base, using many components. Strong focus on reusability, automated front-end tests and accessibility for the visitors.

  2. GameHouse


    Front-end tooling to to build and test GameHouse's new Angular webapp. Also guided the internal developers to work with the tooling.

  3. madewithlove


    Several client projects, most of them included setting up and building for Angular web apps.

  4. Malmberg


    Angular components to power a learning platform.



    UI improvements for a management flow.

  6. FOX Sports


    The Dutch website before launch in the Netherlands.

  7. SURFconext


    Login flow and app dashboard for students and staff of universities.


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